Terms and Conditions

  1. Matific will supply its unique Matific products and services (“Matific”) to Customer under a licence to use them (the “Licence”) in accordance with this Agreement. The Licence provided to Customer allows an assigned number of users selected by the Customer to use Matific at home or school. Charges to the Customer by Matific are based on the number of assigned users of Customer that have the right to use Matific. If more than the number of assigned users set out in this agreement use Matific, then Matific has the right to invoice the Customer for the use by the additional users. For a non-district purchase, licences must be assigned to users within one school under one Customer Account.
  2. Customer will have access to curriculum, content or tools available on Matific at no extra charge. Matific will provide Customer with technical support.
  3. Matific is continuously evolving. Matific reserves the right to delete, modify, change, evolve and improve existing curriculum, content, functionality or tools at any time without notice to, or consent from, Customer.
  4. Matific will provide training material and remote web-based sessions to Customer. Additional in-person training(s) will be invoiced separately.
  5. Pricing is based on a fixed rate for each unique assigned user that the Customer has provided the right to use Matific.
  6. The Licence and the pricing for 1 year is in effect until the expiry of ; This pricing offer is available to all new and existing Customers of Matific. This pricing offer will not be combined with any other offer. Invoices will be sent to the Customer and will be treated as binding and accepted, and all amounts will be payable in full, unless amounts are disputed within 15 days from when the invoices are sent.
  7. Invoicing will occur upon signed agreement and is payable per invoice terms.
  8. Before the expiry date, Matific will automatically renew your subscription for Matific. An invoice will be sent to Customer at the pricing then in effect for the ending school roll setting forth the current number of assigned users unless Matific is notified in writing a minimum of 30 calendar days prior to the date of expiry.
  9. To be eligible for Cluster pricing, there must be a minimum of 500 users.
  10. A current Licence must be purchased by Customer as indicated above, and be in effect in order to use Matific. Adjustments to a Customer’s Licence due to changes in the assigned unique user must be made by _________ of each respective year. Adding unique users may be done by purchasing the right to add assigned accounts by contacting the customer service department of Matific and/or by adding unique users to each respective student roster.
  11. Usage of Matific for more unique users than the number of unique users will make the Customer responsible for paying an additional amount to Matific which will be payable based on the number of additional unique users times the current price per user.
  12. Licences are purchased and active for the entire length of the agreement term. Cancellation of licences at any time during the 2-year or 3-year terms will result in the full retail price being applied to all licences retroactively for the entire year(s) + an administration fee will be applied. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, in case of termination by Customer under its termination rights as set forth in the DPA (please see below under terms and conditions related to personal data and privacy protection), Customer shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund relative to the unused portion of the term. Any such termination shall be made by an advance 30 days notice to Matific in writing, specifying the provision in the DPA under which termination is sought.
  13. All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Pricing and terms of this offer are subject to change without notice before acceptance of this pricing offer.
  14. Unpaid invoices will be subject to an interest charge of 2% monthly. The Customer will be liable for collection costs and legal costs on the basis of a solicitor and his/her own client for any costs incurred by Matific in collecting balances due on unpaid invoices.
  15. Notice of change to a Customer’s contact information, for this identified group, must be provided in writing to Matific immediately at the time of change.
  16. This is a confidential agreement between Customer and Matific. Disclosure of pricing information to other persons or entities, external, internal, related or unrelated parties (other than those parties requiring information in the normal course of duties in the school or district) is strictly prohibited.
  17. These terms and conditions are effective as of
  18. Terms and conditions relating to personal data and privacy protection. By executing this order form, and accessing and using the Matific Platform, you signify your confirmation and acceptance of the following:
    • As an educational institution, you are aware of the GDPR requirements that apply to you, hence you confirm that you have secured, prior to using the Matific Platform, all required consents and authorizations, whether required by any law, regulation, local legislation or internal procedures of your establishment, in order to use the platform and allow Matific to process any personal data that is provided by you, your institution or your students and their parents, through the Platform. Such consents are validly obtained, reasonably recently, and clearly extended to Matific.
    • The data protection agreement (“DPA”) available on the Matific website, shall govern all personal data processing activities related to the operation of the Matific Platform, as processor of the Personal Data uploaded to the Platform. It is the responsibility of Customer to periodically check for updates to this policy.
  19. By purchasing the Matific Licences, you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions herein. You also agree you are the authorized signatory for your educational institution, and your institution will abide by the terms and conditions contained within.