Think like a ­mathe­matician

  • Problem Solving
  • Learning by Doing
  • Curiosity and Discovery
and other principles for Mathematical confidence
Student learning mathematics with Matific online mathematics resource for teachers, students and schools
  • Focus on problem solving

    Apply mathematics to real world challenges.

  • Facilitate learning by doing

    Use virtual manipulatives to foster deep conceptual understanding.

  • Nurture curiosity and discovery

    Engage students in playful and thought provoking activities.

  • Encourage trial and error

    Eliminate math anxiety by offering a safe, risk-free learning environment.

  • Provide progress monitoring

    Support students with real-time, effective feedback.

  • Progress from concrete to abstract

    Teach rigorous content in a staged manner.

  • Laying foundations early

    Logical progressions with scope and sequencing.

  • Develop fluency and evolving skills

    Utilize student's prior knowledge to allow self-paced progress.

  • Accommodate diverse classrooms

    Use instructional strategies to reach every student, including intervention and enrichment.

  • Offer professional development

    Provide teachers with proven resources and ongoing assistance.

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